Developing a Breakthrough Universal Cancer Vaccine

The Problem

Conventional cancer immunotherapy is based on finding protein markers or mechanisms that arenaturally expressed in cancer cells and then developing custom antibodies or immune cells to target those specific protein markers for cell destruction.  

The main challenge with this approach is that human biology is not very predictable, and the natural protein markers often appear in healthy normal cells as well cancer cells. As a result, any treatment targeting those natural markers may also affect normal cells. It is only through extensive human clinical trials, on a treatment by treatment basis, that one can determine if a particular treatment is viable.

The Solution

We turned this problem on its head and asked, “What if we can engineer a single non-naturally occurring protein marker for all cancer cells to express, and then vaccinate against that?”  We will teach the immune system what cancer cells look like, so they can be identified and eradicated.

By leveraging cutting-edge CRISPR and mRNA technologies, we are on a quest to develop a breakthrough a Universal Cancer Vaccine to do just that.

We filed a U.S. provisional patent application in 2021.  We intend to partner with leading researchers and institutions to help us develop this Universal Cancer Vaccine platform.

While there are multiple variations of this platform, we envision the most common being a “2-shot” system.