CancerVax Launched

The Company was founded by experienced healthcare executive Lindsay Mann

SANTA BARBARA, CA – March 23, 2021 – CancerVax, Inc., a developer of immunotherapy cancer treatments that use the body’s immune system to fight cancer, today announced the formation of the Company by Lindsay Mann, an experienced healthcare executive.

“For decades, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy have been the standards of care for cancer treatment, and often the only options,” said Lindsay Mann, CEO of CancerVax. “They operate on the basic premise that cancer cells are fast growing cells, so using powerful toxic chemicals (chemotherapy) or power x-rays (radiation) they hope to kill those cells to stop the cancer.”

Mr. Mann continued, “The problem is that these treatments are not always very targeted, so they also kill normal fast-growing cells, such as hair cells, intestine cells, mouth-lining cells and others. This inadvertent side effect of killing healthy cells is what causes the debilitating side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, and a reduced quality of life for cancer patients.”

In recent years, advances in science and biotechnology have proven that the body’s own immune system is quite effective at targeting and killing abnormal cells, germs and viruses, and has been doing it since the beginning of time. The main problem is that cancer grows at a much faster rate than the body’s normal immune response rate.

Mr. Mann concluded, “Much like COVID-19 vaccines that train the body to recognize and destroy the coronavirus, cancer vaccines can train the body to target and destroy specific cancer cells. Cancer vaccines are also known as immunotherapy. Our mission is to significantly improve the clinical outcomes of cancer patients through the development of innovative and effective cancer immunotherapy treatments and drugs by collaborating with leading medical researchers and clinicians.”

For 37 years, Mr. Mann served in various capacities at Kaweah Delta Health Care District in Visalia, CA (“Kaweah Delta”), including the last 16 years as Chief Executive Officer. Kaweah Delta is the largest hospital and healthcare system in Tulare County. It is a teaching hospital with four campuses, 581 beds and is a certified level III Trauma Center. It employs more than 4,200 staff and healthcare professionals. As CEO, Mr. Mann worked actively with medical staff, hospital staff, the Board of Directors and members of the community in the development of this healthcare system. In 2017, he concluded his professional life to lead a three-year Church mission with his wife in Mexico. In 2021 he came out of retirement to help found CancerVax.

About CancerVax

CancerVax, Inc. is developing immunotherapy cancer treatments that use the body’s immune system to fight cancer. Much like COVID-19 vaccines that train the body to recognize and destroy the coronavirus, we are developing cancer vaccines that train the body to target and destroy cancer cells. Our immunotherapy platform is aimed at creating lower cost personalized CAR T-cell therapies as well as generalized antibody treatments through nanotechnology and gene-editing innovations. For more information about the Company, please visit

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